Meet The Officers

Elizabeth Lara, (Liz), is the director at Texas Tower PR. Liz oversees the organization to ensure members practice their skills. She also ensures members learn valuable knowledge about the industry and get opportunities with professionals.


Nicollette Gonzalez is assistant director for Texas Tower PR. Nicollette assists Liz with all duties of ensuring accounts are productive and learning valuable experience. She also works with brand development for Texas Tower.
Angel Cantu is director of accounts for Texas Tower PR. He works with and supports account managers to ensure productive and cohesive work from the team members for our clients. Angel also handles financial costs for Tower.
Kelly Franklin is the Social media director for Texas Tower. Kelly handles content for Tower Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


Megan Pho is our director of public affairs. Megan ensures the members are having a positive experience in the organization. Megan also handles relations with outside organizations and seeks new business opportunities for Tower.